Is She Doing the Cabbage Patch?

Usually, to call someone a snob is to suggest he or she is a name-dropper or a snooty Suzie. But there are times when being called a snob isn’t so bad. If you’re a vodka snob, it means you’re picky about the degree of burn that comes after a straight shot. Nothing wrong with that. And if you’re a music snob, you might be the type of person who would turn up at Apples Martini Bar and Lounge for Old School Sundays. Week after week, DJ Oppe and Eddie Mix bring the tunes your snobby ass wants to hear.

You’ll reminisce about your Adidas sneaks to Run-D.M.C., and “push it” to Salt-N-Pepa, all while yelling to your decidedly less-snobby friends: “What you know about this, youngsta?” The weekly event is for party people ages 21 and up.
Sun., July 8


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