Incredible Edibles

It’s hard to think of British contemporary art savant Damien Hirst without also bringing to mind his $100 million diamond-studded skull sculpture. But if you visit Art Basel this weekend, some of his more affordable “Color Dot” paintings might catch your eye — and provoke revelries of forking over six figures to hang one of Hirst’s befuddling canvases splattered with nothing more than a field of multihued spots over the futon you fished out of the trash. But for New York photographer Henry Hargreaves, Hirst’s spotty opuses are a cause to dream big. During this weekend’s Second Saturday Art Walk, he will unveil his tribute to the master: “Objectified,” a group show opening at the Lunch Box Gallery (310 NW 24th St., Miami), beginning at 6 p.m. For his new series, Can I Also Get a Show at the Gagosian?, Hargreaves has re-created the famous specks employing M&M’s candy instead of paint while fantasizing over snagging an exhibit at the elite New York gallery representing Hirst’s work. At Lunch Box, Swedish shutterbug Linus Morales also tackles yummy edibles as the subject of his works. Expect to find couture-fashionable, artery-clogging Chanel-branded sausage links, Louis Vuitton toast, and Fendi fish sticks. The work not only responds to the rampant consumerism one typically associates with art fairs but also offers a timely commentary on how the arbitrary value placed on luxury items stinks. Lunch Box is also featuring “Craters,” by Miami-based lensman Michael G Zimmerer. Don’t mistake the title of his solo as referencing an exploration of a still-fragile art market after the economy tanked. Instead, Zimmerer has created imagery that urges viewers to reimagine the wilderness and dream about how sweet life might become if we grew closer to our roots. Call 305-407-8131 or visit
Sat., Dec. 8, 6 p.m., 2012


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