In? Or Out?

The competition is always fierce for Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion show, but this year designers will have their eyes on the catwalk prize for a different reason. Say it with us -- one name, two syllables, made for cooing into the ocean breeze: “Uli.” Just last year the German beauty displayed her easy-breezy “paaahty dresses” for a crowd of impressed locals. She went on to gain national fame on Project Runway. We’re not saying that the designers who are chosen for this year’s extravaganza will follow Uli Herzner’s path to glory, but the event always draws a fashionable crowd of influential people and famous faces. Gen Art will be hosting an open call for fashion designers in preparation for the big show March 31. Applicants must have a full collection (at least ten looks) and a label that is less than seven years old. If you meet those requirements, and your garments are available for sale in at least one store, send your press kit and digital images to
Feb. 7-16


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