In a Happy Place

Anthony Spinello cut his teeth as the barely legal curator of Liquid Blue Gallery, learning how hard it can be to survive in the dog-eat-dog art world. Although his stint with the flash-in-the-pan space might have soured another greenhorn on the nature of the business, Spinello dove ahead unfazed to open Red Dot Projects, build a stable of quirky talent and organize unabashedly entertaining shows. The brassy lad has re-christened his space the Spinello Gallery and is seeking to expand his merry brand of mayhem tonight at 6:00 with The Order of Perfect Happiness, a candy-coated exhibit by the collaborative duet, She Kills He, on view through October 4. The young couple’s show features drawings, paintings, digital collages, and sculptures freighted with imagery that is typically droll, enigmatic, and sweetly flavored with a gumdrop-house-on-lollipop-lane vibe. “This season I decided to introduce Miami’s wildly naïve collaborative in their first solo playground,” Spinello gushes. “With their illustrated storybook characters, they create an alternative world where they engage the viewer to ‘please, oh please, share their disease.’”

In one of their collages, a young girl leans against a tree blooming with bubbly cherry blossoms and fanged citrus fruit. “Their imagery incorporates a lot of cryptic symbols and is biographical in nature,” the young dealer says. But why is Harry Potter sporting a boner while kneeling next to a slice of pizza on Spinello’s Website? That is what we’re anxious to know. Call 305-576-0208, or visit
Sat., Sept. 9


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