Imagine This

Pure Imagination is proof that radio as a medium for art is alive and well in Miami. Matt Gajewski — former radio DJ, music teacher, writing tutor, and all-around nice guy — weaves tales that are romantic, complex, and intoxicatingly entertaining. With Pure Imagination, Gajewski places our secret feelings, odd fears, and disappointments into wonderfully crafted tales that haunt and wow. Guided by music and his distinctive voice, it all comes together to create a hypnotic and satisfying experience. His purely imaginative “The Ex-President,” a third-person narrative about a former U.S. prez awkwardly adjusting to his new life while at a luau, features music by local greats Dino Felipe and ANR’s John Hancock. As a radio program, the show will soon air again on WVUM-FM. But for those who prefer a live reading, the writer will perform Pure Imagination in front of an audience Saturday at Sweat Records. You can expect to see him backed by the musical stylings of Mountain Dew Code Red Terror Alert.
Sat., Feb. 4, 9 p.m., 2012


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