If We Build It, Will They Come?

Archie comic books made us fear the evil sandcastle-destroying bullies lurking on the beach. But when we finally made it to the fabled SoBe shore, the would-be brutes looked too sun-baked and hung over to kick rocks, let alone a sandy re-creation of our childhood home. Still, let’s hope the American Institute of Architects has some security at this Sunday’s Digital Drafting Sandblast, a sculpture competition that will surely bring out all professional sand kickers looking for their next big score.

Each year, as one of the more whimsical components of the annual AIA Architecture + Design, students and pros meet at Crandon Park Beach North to re-create their enviable designs in 3-D. The resulting structures are truly incredible — shoes, faces, people, high-rises — all more elaborate than any bucket castle you could ever dream of. It’s free to watch and free to participate.
Sun., Nov. 1, noon, 2009


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