If It Ain’t Got That Swing

Singles bars have lost their luster. The nine-to-fivers just want to drone on about (A) their crummy bosses, (B) their crummy exes, or (C) how much better off they are without their crummy exes. Trying to have fun in those places is so exhausting it makes you wonder, When did people get so uptight? There’s one SoFla joint that cuts through the bullshit. That magical place is the Rooftop Lounge, and it does so by tacking two little words onto its name: clothing optional. More than just a tan-line-free facility, the lounge is also a BYOB poolside bar (mixers, ice, and cups provided) where adventuresome singles and couples collide. More sexual frontiersmen (a.k.a. swingers) than usual will be dashing up to the rooftop Saturday and Sunday, when Splash Weekend takes over.

Cosponsored by The Trapeze and sanctioned by SLS (Swing Life Style), the party will be the place to be if you want to meet people who don’t begin stories with “This one time, Chas – he’s my ex – and I were supposed to go on a beautiful trip to Bermuda....” Although they might begin stories with “One time, I was bangin’ this guy Chas and this girl from the tiki bar when – wouldn’t you know it? – his crazy ex-girlfriend came screaming into the room!” Seriously, who would you rather party with? Day passes run from free (for unescorted ladies) to $40 (couples) and $60 (unescorted men). You get complimentary barbecue, drink setups, and loads of people willing to slather you in sunblock.
Saturdays, 2008


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