I Want a Pony and a Kazoo

In a city where friendliness is often met with confusion, you have to wonder from which magical star Rachel Goodrich was plucked before materializing in the 305. When she steps on a stage — her grin bright and stretched, her kazoo standing at attention — you just want to cheer her on. When she breaks into music-box-like ballads with a Holly Golightly shuffle, your feet start moving. Soon standing around with a critical scowl and arms crossed is no longer an option; you’re dancing, laughing, and having a ball, while she strums along, radiating joy.

That’s why we weren’t surprised when the New York Times shined a spotlight on her in its November 28 issue. The article lavished Goodrich with praise and christened her The Next Big Thing out of SoFla. We simply shrugged and smiled. Of course she is captivating the world; she has already wooed Miami’s heart, and that’s no easy task. Her shows, like the one with the Jacob Jeffries Band this Friday, will make you feel like a kid at recess. Put on your play clothes and catch Goodrich and the ivory-tickling Jeffries at 5 p.m.; that’s when the two indie darlings perform a free show for the Downtown Concert Series in the Tina Hills Pavilion at Bayfront Park. Visit www.myspace.com/jacobjeffriesband or www.myspace.com/rachelgoodrich for more about these talented local heroes.
Fri., Jan. 9, 5 p.m., 2009


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