I Now Pronounce You Kitschy

Elvis Presley perhaps wasn’t the world’s foremost expert on relationships and marriage. He was an alleged womanizer, after all, and had deep, Freudian mommy issues. (Not to mention he was also rumored to be impotent near the end of his life.) Nevertheless, Elvis marrying couples will likely never wear thin. OK, maybe not the real Elvis, but a spot-on look-alike such as the one presiding over the annual Valentine’s Day Wedding Bash at Tobacco Road. In its fourth year, the bash was conceived by resident DJ and head promoter Oski Gonzalez. After hitting a small roulette jackpot in Las Vegas, Gonzalez celebrated by marrying his girlfriend at a kitschy Elvis-themed wedding chapel. He had so much fun he decided to hire an Elvis impersonator to wed the Valentine’s Day weekend crowd at Tobacco Road in a non-legally binding midnight ceremony. “We’re going to try to re-create what [my wife and I] did in Vegas,” Gonzalez told New Times last year. “It’s really cheesy, but it’s really cool.” Of course no wedding is complete without music — three stages’ worth.
Fri., Feb. 10, 6 p.m., 2012


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