I Have a Basket, No Bell

If there’s a banana seat imprint on your bum and handbrake marks on your palms, the world will think you’re a badass. Because nothing will stop you from riding your bike. There’s a name for people like you. Rad. And you, rad, should join the cruising pack of cool kids that populates Loose Cannons on the Run — a cross-city bike race fueled by beer and pure adrenaline. The meet-up spot will be Keirin Cycles. Time: 10 p.m. This nighttime ride might bring you some serenity, but more likely it’ll just get you pumped to drink at the finish line, also known as the News Lounge at 55th Street Station. The ride is free and goes down the first Thursday of each month. Try to keep up.
Thu., May 7, 10 p.m., 2009


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