I Got the Power

The gay Nineties are back! Okay, they’re not back entirely; they’re still just peeking around the corner and seeing if it’s all right to come out and play. But there’s a renaissance brewing at Click, South Beach’s Sunday-night party at Dek23. Promoters Omar Gonzalez and Dustin Reffca are bringing back the headliner DJs from those heady party years of the late Nineties, before SoBe plunged into a nosedive of glamourlessness and general banality. But no need to hold a grudge against those who fled; it’s nice they’re coming back.

A few weeks ago Click hosted drag impresario Connie Casserole, the Nineties icon famous for playing Twist back in the days when Twist was, well, clean (was Twist really ever clean?). Connie’s return was a hit, and tonight Click offers up another blast from the past with Power Infiniti, of Anthem at Crobar fame. The best part: With all of these DJs, the assorted club kids and drag queens come back as well, making the evening more fun and the world a more beautiful place.
Sundays, 2007


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