Husband wants oral sex from wife again

Hello, Kitty: My wife and I are both 25. We have been married for three years, together for five. I love her with every last beat of my heart, but I feel she has lost interest in some sexual activities. Like most men, I love oral, both giving and receiving. She used to wear me out; now I have to basically beg her for it. Actually, once she gave me head, like, eight times in one day. I will never forget that day. Could I be doing something wrong? I trim down there and I'm clean. I also die for the chance to give her oral. It's actually my favorite thing. I can do it for hours. Anyway, how can I get her more into this kind of thing? She loves doggy-style and cowgirl position, so she isn't cutting sex out altogether, but I'm worried there will be no more oral. What can I do? Do women normally "calm down" like this?

Lhone Lee Coque



oral sex

Hey, Lhone: News flash: Oral sex is work, hence the term "blowjob." If your wife was once giving it eight times a day (also known as porn-star-tough), I wouldn't be surprised if she wore herself out and needs a wee break. There's no need for you to worry if you're ever going to get it again or if she's lost her spark completely, because her affinity for other types of sex proves she's still interested. So what if she's laying off oral? She was going hard for a while and deserves a break! Instead of complaining, try talking. Ask her why things have changed and if there's anything you can do to reignite the flame. Hopefully she'll open up, but if she doesn't, just relax and allow her mojo to come back naturally. Trust me, there's no greater turnoff than a whining, begging man. However, if things stay like this for longer than a year, no one will blame you for taking matters into your own hands. Meow.


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