Hug a Tree at GLEE

Fresh air, sparkling aqua water, breathtaking parks filled with lush greenery — all of that will become a memory if we don’t shape up and take care of Mother Earth. And as gas prices creep closer to $4 a gallon, you’ve probably considered biking to work and joining the environmental movement. This weekend, the Florida Keys Green Living & Energy Education Expo will show you how small changes in your everyday routine can make a huge difference.

There’ll be workshops demonstrating sustainable living techniques and making “going green” more of a practice than an idea. Exhibitors will introduce you to their tree-hugging products, vendors will sell organic foodstuffs, and you can even check out one of those new-fangled hybrid or electric cars. It’s three days of greenery — and not the type you roll up and smoke; this stuff is actually good for the environment. The expo ends on Sunday, so hustle down to Marathon High School and get your eco-education.
May 9-11, 2008


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