Howling at a Half-Moon

There are werewolves among us. But contrary to common myth, these furry (and surprisingly friendly) freaks of nature don’t hibernate between full moons. Nope, they’re out there all the time, cursed to perpetually party regardless of lunar conditions. And though it might seem like a killer way to spend eternity, the business of drunkenly lurking around at midnight can drag down even the scariest superhuman being. So whenever your average half-man/half-wolf needs a little nightlife rehab, he simply hunts down the latest gig by lycanthropic cult musician Audio Lobo, AKA Chris Wolfe.

This Thursday night, you can join the pack for a cover-free set of howling funk blues. There’s also supercheap three-dollar Budweiser all night. But a tip: Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum; angry drunks don’t stand a chance against wolfmen. When challenged, those dudes will just laugh and slam another shot before shredding your merely human ass. Not even silver bullets will save you.
Thu., April 16, 10 p.m., 2009


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