Howl at the Moon

With so many venues closing as quickly as they open, Tobacco Road is unique for its longevity. But the ol’ Road couldn’t have survived ninetysomething years in this city of flux without its faithful legion of bands and the patrons they attract. Tonight at 9:00 the joint is giving back to musicians with its new monthly Full Moon Jam.

Local minstrels can enjoy food and drink specials, jam with the Oski Foundation and Inside Eye, or slap some bongos in the drum circle. Outside, artists, spiritual readers, and herbalists will be doing their thing in the Vendors’ Village. But the musically challenged need not feel left out. There will also be an open mike that is available to anyone with something to say. E-mail to get a musician’s card for full-moon party specials and free admission every day.
Fri., Oct. 26, 9 p.m., 2007


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