How Typical

South Beach is always depicted as this glowing neon nonstop party, with tropical music blaring from candy-painted cars and an endless parade of hot, scantily clad ladies looking for a good time with the wrong kind of guy. Beach officials may be trying to attract the family demographic, portraying SoBe as a kind of wholesome place to enjoy an evening. But why do they think people visit in the first place? We love the glamour, baby. And tonight you can indulge to your heart’s delight.

Unfortunately the 2007 Glamour Beauty Awards show isn’t open to the public -- the ceremony will give accolades to industry movers and shakers from Central and Latin America – but the afterparty is. That’s your chance to mack it with pretty people speaking in beautiful foreign accents, who’ll no doubt be in the mood for celebrating. The post-ceremony fun begins around 11 p.m. RSVP is required to TARA, Ink., 305-864-3434, ext. 129.
Wed., Nov. 28, 11 p.m., 2007


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