How a Dirty Town Gets Clean

Dr. Etti Ben-Zion comes across as a bit of a new-age hippie. During a recent interview, New Times got lost in her mystical jargon. She utters phrases like “You need to feel that your love bucket is filled with golden nectar” and “be the goddess.” It might be tough for a jaded local to surrender to this glowing, pin-thin woman and her spiritual exhortations, but hippie talk aside, she really does have valuable lessons to impart about food and nutrition, as well as the garbage we consume without question. Her two-day detox program, Cleanse Miami, offers health-conscious locals and New Year’s resolution-makers a chance to kick-start weight loss and eliminate toxins, all while offering the additional benefits of improved digestion, radiant skin, better sleep, and — wait for it — an increased libido. Have we gotten your attention yet? The lessons taught in Cleanse Miami have been culled from four years of Dr. Etti’s monthly seven-day detox program, wherein people in need of renewal and rejuvenation meet to sip green juices and get in touch with their inner gods and goddesses. Boiled down and concentrated into two days, seminars will include “Juicing Is the New Cooking,” “Move, Dance, Stretch, and Flow,” and “Keep Your Chi Alive.” And besides all of the tools for a new outlook on life, there’ll be a talk by guest speaker Tracy Mourning, massages, drum circles, and speed dating — all for $295. Cleanse Miami begins at 8 a.m. at the Deauville Beach Resort. If this sounds like the experience you’ve been searching for, learn more about “South Florida’s leading detox doctor” at
Sat., Jan. 31; Sun., Feb. 1, 2009


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