Hot Dogs at the Grill

Wander through South Beach on any given Sunday afternoon, and you might feel as though you’ve stumbled into an anteroom of the Westminster Kennel Club. Pooches are everywhere, holding court at al fresco eateries and strutting jauntily into boutiques. Although most establishments on the Beach seem to have become pet-friendly by default, dog owners have not had much in the way of a regular watering hole of their own. They do at Dogs Gone Wild at China Grill. “Every Sunday from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. our entire patio is dog-friendly; there’s a puppy lounge for those who don’t want to eat dinner, and there’s a puppy park where the dogs have a babysitter,” explains general manager Steven Haas. Visitors can imbibe Zyr vodka cocktails for a mere seven dollars. The restaurant also offers a complete man’s-best-friend menu, which includes sirloin tips for appetizers and gourmet desserts like peanut butter cupcakes and gourmet “chocolate” bars made of ingredients that are more dog-friendly than actual cocoa. The folks at Petopia bring a selection of pricey puppies, and in recent weeks, guests have left China Grill with both leftovers and a $5000 pet in tow. Call 305-534-2211, or visit
Sundays, 2006


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