Hoofprints in the Sand

Attention South Beach: Put your thongs away; things are getting civilized ’round here today. The FedEx Miami Polo Cup is riding into town — yes, a real-life polo tournament is taking place all weekend, right there on South Beach. And we mean on South Beach, with Argentine polo ponies literally running around in the sand, ridden by professional players. Don’t believe us? The polo field is located behind the Setai — feel free to go by and see for yourself.

The parties in the evening cost big bucks to attend, but attendance at the actual matches is free. And wear something nice — best not to freak out the blue-bloods who will be driving down from Palm Beach. We’ll be wearing that brown and white polka-dot dress Julia Roberts wore to the polo match in Pretty Woman — with the big floppy hat. And like our beloved hooker “Vivian,” we hope to land a millionaire, because the crowd at that polo game is going to be filled with them. And isn’t that the real reason everyone is going, anyway? Happy hunting!
April 15-14


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