Honor Student Immigrant to be Deported

Walter Lara is a good kid. He's never been arrested, graduated from Miami-Dade College with a 4.7 grade point average, and has done 1,000 hours community service. The 23-year-old emigrated from Argentina when he was three years old.

That's why his classmates are outraged that he's scheduled to be deported. Students Working for Equal Rights (SWER) announced today a fast in order to protest his July 6 deportation. They even set up a press conference today at 3 p.m. The news buzzed through the blogosphere.

Well, it's crazy how things can change with a little media attention. Riptide just got off the phone SWER leader Carlos Roa. He had just gotten word from the Department of Homeland Security. The news: Lara received deferred action. Which is to say, he has a shot at staying.

Roa seemed stunned to get such a quick response from DHS. "Now it's imperative the media continue to follow this," he says.


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