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SAT 7/17

The old Ministry anthem "Everyday is Halloween" says it all for an urban industrialist or nostalgic Goth. Oh, the joy of suburban angst. Ah, the fierceness of donning black trenchcoats in the summer swelter. In Miami the Kitchen Club, a regular gathering of fun-loving weirdoes, has been keeping the dark vibe throbbing like a paranoid Polaroid picture. Tonight the party celebrates 16 years of mayhem with a 3-room array of Goth, Brit-pop, roller disco, old-school hip-hop, and that vagary of vagaries, alternative dance music. Miami underglam DJs Matt Cash, DJ Hottpants, and DJs SIN and NineThorns spin until late. Doors open at 11:00 p.m. at Soho Lounge, 175-193 NE 36th St. Admission is $7. Call 305-576-1988.-Juan Carlos Rodriguez



WED 7/21

There is never enough to celebrate when you're Cuban. You love your Cuban booty, you love your Cuban music, you love your Cuban coffee, you love your Cuban lover, etc. Life is a celebration. Why not celebrate your favorite pasty garment, your genuine Cuban guayabera? At Viva La Guayabera, the archetypal islander shirt gets honored with a fashion show and live musical performances by Havana Soul and Ruly y Su Havana Café. The event raises money for Centro Mater. The party starts at 7:00 p.m. at El Patio de Teté Restaurant, 1444 SW 8th St. Admission is $40. Call 305-858-8801. -- Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Play It Again

SAT 7/17

You know every answer to every question in every category on every single one of those Trivial Pursuit cards -- for every edition. You've watched endless hours of celebrity poker matches on television. And you've scared off many a charades opponent with your stellar acting ability and mimicry talent. You're an old hand at games -- or so you think. Well, how are you at spades, bid whist, and dominoes? Those are just a few of the amusements you'll likely encounter during Game Night at Book Addiction (3805 Grand Ave., Coconut Grove), the neighborhood indie store that also features a weekly poetry night, occasional live music, and book readings. Good sportsmanship is encouraged (i.e., no gambling), but if you show up sans funds to begin with, fear not. Free food will be served. Admission is $5. Call 305-476-8191. -- Nina Korman


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