Home Design Howl

The best thing about stores like Forever 21 -- besides the fact that you can avoid a Carrie Bradshaw-size tsunami of debt -- is that by the time your trendy clothes become faux pas, they’re already torn or faded. A resourceful few might take these trashy threads and transform them into a shabby-chic throw pillow; most of us let our tattered rags rot, turning closets into a moth’s all-you-can-eat buffet. But when it comes to adorning your home rather than your body, what are you supposed to do with a busted armoire? Find out when you surround yourself in Thonet rather than Tar-jay at the Wolfsonian Museum’s Wolf Pack Design Night.

Tonight you can enlighten yourself with a casual talk about function and art while munching out and sipping cocktails courtesy of Roth Vodka at Lincoln Road’s très chic Design Within Reach. Next, roam over to Finland’s Marimekko (responsible for the adorableness that is Anthropologie) and learn why the store is to textiles what Ikea is to furniture. Finally, sate your wolf-size hunger with a three-course meal at Miss Yip. Call 305-535-2631 or visit www.wolfsonian.org to RSVP.
Wed., June 27


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