Holla at Your Boy

We’d rather not imagine a rap world without Jay Jenkins rockin’ the mike as The Snowman a.k.a. ATL MC Young Jeezy. His slow Southern flow and real-life lyrics have earned him a special place in the hearts of rap purists and hip-poppers alike. His ad-libs are legendary. Can we get a drawling “Yeeeeaaaahhhh” or a quick “Let’s get it!” or even a punchy “Jeah!”? You can’t match Jeezy, son. But if you’re on deck at Club 112 Sunday night, you might be able to practice by mimicking the king.

That’s right, on the intimate stage of the former Crazy Horse Saloon, he’ll perform “Put On,” “I Love It,” and whatever else his little thugged-out heart desires. The spot used to be a strip club, and judging from some of Jeezy’s lyrics, we think he’ll be right at home at a place where ladies used to shake their poom-pooms. Ignore the poles — Jeezy probably won’t use them. You, on the other hand, are free to swing at will.
Sun., Aug. 31, 2008


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