Hobo Art

If there was a zine/album cover artist laurete, we'd nominate Raymond Pettibon. Not only is he the man behind the four-bar logo, flyers, album covers of the band Black Flag. But his angry, dishelved pen and ink graphics provided visuals for a smattering of punk bands in the early 1980s: Sonic Youth, Dead Kennedys, and Circle Jerks. Florida Atlantic's Schmidt Gallery has "Raymond Pettibon: The Punk Years, 1978-86," an exhibit of 200 Pettitbon-designed posters, gig fliers, zines, album covers along with their albums, T-shirts, skateboard decks, CDs and videos. Beyond the exhibit, the gallery is hosting supplementary, free, punk programming for the public: On January 19, see Who Is Bozo Texino?, Daniels's full-length film about hobo and railworker boxcar graffiti.
Wed., Jan. 19, 2011


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