Ho, Ho, Ho

As the snowbirds begin to land, our subtropical winter wonderland jams with traffic – and holiday cheer. Family and friends will not want to miss Santa’s Enchanted Forest. We can already hear Aunt Mildred saying “Holy cannoli!” when she looks up at the theme park’s 92-foot Christmas tree, as tears of joy well up in her eyes.

“That’s right, Aunt Mildred -- this is the largest Christmas theme park in the world,” you can declare with authority. Millions of bright, sparkling lights twinkle as the ferris wheel whirls and roller coasters whiz. “Is this line ever gonna move?” she wonders. “My feet hurt.” Let your aunt sit and rest on Santa’s lap along with the kids while you enjoy the pony rides and petting zoo. And don’t forget the theme park food. The young’uns will love some greasy curly fries and sugary elephant ears. If you’re new to this side of town, all you need to know is that this annually anticipated Miami landmark boasts more than 100 rides, shows, games, and attractions for the whole family. It’s open every night from 5 to midnight through January 6. Ticket prices vary, but get your discount coupon today at www.santasenchantedforest.com.
Nov. 28-Jan. 6, 2007


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