Hipster Rhymes

If you didn't catch Theophilus London last summer at the W South Beach's two-year anniversary party, that's a shame. If you couldn't get into the Bing party at the Shelborne during Art Basel or his intimate gig at midtown's Ricochet Lounge with Nas, double and triple shame. Surely you've learned your lesson by now. London is on fire, and you need to catch him live. Make no excuses and get your ass to Grand Central Tuesday. Obviously, the Brooklyn-born rapper is no stranger to the Big Mango. Dude's been tearing shit up down here since his first gig in '09 at RokBar. He made several appearances in 2010 and practically claimed residency in 2011. We're not complaining. While indie hip-hop acts seemingly spring up overnight, London has somehow held steady as one of the more interesting performers in recent years. And it's not all music-related. His mixtapes, EP, and LP are good, but they fall short of mesmerizing. It's his ironic, Morrissey-loving hipster persona — a carefully calculated brand he uses to his advantage — that draws followers.
Tue., Jan. 31, 10 p.m., 2012


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