High-Tech High Steppin’

With a touch of technology and a cast of international performers, Jimmy Gamonet de los Heros is set to premiere Program II tonight at 8:00 at the Gusman Theater. The ever-innovative Gamonet promises to delight audiences with entertaining and inspiring performances by his Ballet Gamonet ensemble of dancers from the United States, Venezuela, Cuba, France, and London. D Symphonies, a production influenced by Gamonet’s experience with the 3-D human figure animation software Life Forms Studio, meshes 21st-century technology with neoclassical dance.

“I found myself using the purest dance vocabulary, playing with choreographic elements in an unfamiliar matter,” says Gamonet. Set to the music of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Johann Christian Bach, the performances marry the mechanical with the fluid and incorporate experimental computer-animation technology (think of a flipbook, but on a computer screen) with Gamonet’s signature abstract and narrative ballet choreography. In Movilissimanoble, translated as “moving in a noble manner,” dancers metamorphose through various structural formations, including quadrangles, processionals, and frontal linear positions that evolve from one into another, all set to the urban-classical melody of Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Karl Maria Von Weber. Guest choreographer Jerry Opdenaker also premieres.
Sat., Feb. 3


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