Hey, Good-Lookin’

You might recognize dreadlocked hottie Govind Armstrong from Iron Chef America, or maybe you first laid eyes on him in People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” issue a few years back. He is recognized for his handsomeness but celebrated for his cooking skills. As the owner of the acclaimed restaurant Table 8, and an up-and-coming celebrity chef, Armstrong is surprisingly modest and honest. He likes his cooking the same way. His first cookbook, Small Bites, Big Nights, takes the concept of tapas but doesn’t get bogged down in ethnic culinary labels and such.

“I steer away from that. Some of my dishes have a Spanish or Tuscan influence, but my cuisine is all ingredient-driven. It’s seasonal.” So how would you describe your cuisine, Govind? “Uh ... like I said, ingredient-driven,” he retorts with a disarming laugh. “In my style of food, I keep things clean and simple and focused. It’s all about simple plates and enjoying the flavors.” We’re looking forward to meeting Govind and enjoying the flavors on hand at the Crown. The special book signing and cocktail party will take place from 6:00 to 8:30, with an afterparty at his restaurant, Table 8 (1458 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach). Visit www.table8la.com.
Tue., Aug. 28


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