Hey, Another Film Festival!

Oy, such a festival! Cutting edge Israeli cinema and television will be screened at Sunrise Cinemas Intracoastal through May 4 at the Israel Film Festival. Celebrating its 21st edition, the fest has enthralled more than 700,000 cineastes (people who would rather chow down on a can of film stock than a plate of spaghetti) in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles during the past two decades. More than 550 movies have helped illustrated the daily lives, loves, and struggles of the Israeli people, promoting goodwill and cross cultural understanding.

Dauntless filmmakers highlight this complex nation’s cultural diversity, from historical events to those now making headlines. The festival opens with Riki Shelach’s It’s Now or Never. Other festival events include an opening night gala and awards ceremony, plus special programs that showcase Jewish identity through Israeli film, documentaries, and shorts. Call 877-966-5566, or visit www.israelfilmfestival.com for ticket info and a complete schedule.
April 26-May 4


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