He’s So Hood

Okay, Mama, so the Hoodstock festival’s MySpace page repeatedly uses the sh word while touting its social outreach to local high schools. That ain’t even a petty crime, especially considering its founder DJ Raw is makin’ good after his release from a 10-year prison sentence for coke trafficking. Come on, let your babies out to celebrate the kulcha, ’cause during the decade since Hoodstock put Miami on the rap map, hip-hop’s been doing a lotta self-reflective growing.

Under the banner of the Kulcha Carrier Movement, the festival’s organizers and artists bring peace to the hood this month by offering workshops exploring the five elements of hip-hop: the MC, the graffiti artist, the DJ, the b-boy/break dancer, and knowledge of self, y’all. The kids can take Hip Hop History 101, learn how to produce low-budget music videos, and develop skills for building self-esteem, countering violence, avoiding unemployment, staying in school, improving nutrition, and preventing HIV infection. Plus they can enjoy performances by Spragga Benz, Tony Touch and crew, Platano, Fabian Garcia, and DJs Epps, Eon, and Spazz. “And all the locals be getting down,” adds Raw. Aww yeah. It’s gonna be the sh ... um, we mean it’s gonna be a really good time. Check www.miami-hoodstock.com and www.myspace.com/hoodstock305 for more details.
Sun., Jan. 6, 2008


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