Heroes on Drugs Are Heroes of Ours

Too often some wannabe rock star fancies himself a modern-day shaman, experimenting wildly with every available substance, both legal and not, in pursuit of sonic superpowers. So the fact that Miami indie rappers Heroes on Drugs sound very, very stoned isn’t any big thang. No, the difference here is that pied piper Patbag John and crew go about getting weirded — Red Bull? Weed? Purple syrup? — with total innocence. There’s zero new-agey motive this side of the cut. That transcendental hippie shit’s just goofy, yo.

This Thursday, take a heavy bong hit of that pure H.O.D. stuff when these party-boy hip-hoppers hit up Jazid for a cover-free set of uncomplicated anthems such as “Controlled Substance,” “Hear My Song,” and “Rock Rock.” Either show up preemptively altered or get right with Jazid’s reduced-price alcoholic refreshments, including two-for-one Jäger shots and $3 Miller Lite. But one way or another, things are gonna get really weird in a really good way.
Thu., Aug. 13, 11 p.m., 2009


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