Here's the Miami "Gangnam Style" Parody Nobody Asked For (Video)

Here's the Miami "Gangnam Style" Parody Nobody Asked For (Video)

It was only a matter of time.

"Gangnam Style," the Korean pop single that everyone's either been imitating or groaning about lately, has appeared everywhere from Ellen to So You Think You Can Dance. Today, E! Online pronounced the viral video "officially over."

So it looks like YouTube user aggressivecomix came in just under the wire with a parody version called "Miami Style," posted yesterday. And yeah, it's pretty much what you expect: a Miami-looking chick dancing through a variety of 305 locales while singing about quinceañeras and losing your virginity at Santa's Enchanted Forest.

Watch the video and relive the magic of Gangnam's heyday -- or reopen the bitter mental wounds left by its reign of Internet terror -- after the jump.

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