Help from Hummus

The “cool” months have arrived, and visitors are flocking back to Miami. Hotels, restaurants, and clubs will be operating at full capacity. Formerly sluggish social calendars are quickly filling up with all sorts of fabulous events. Snowbirds, model types, and socialites aren’t the only people heading to sunny South Florida. At this time of year, the local homeless population also skyrockets, with destitute people fleeing the bite of winter in northern states. Now is the time of year that organizations like HOPE -- a faith-based, nonprofit organization in Miami Beach -- need the most help.

To assist this charity, popular restaurant Moroccan Nights is offering a unique deal. Visitors who donate two nonperishable food items will receive a complimentary order of the restaurant’s irresistible and popular hummus – an appetizer that normally goes for $5.95. Feast on grape leaves, couscous, and kebabs, and enjoy the exotic combination of belly dancers and hookah-smoking for a good cause tonight. Donations will be collected until December 8. Call 305-865-5333, or visit
Nov. 22-Dec. 8


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