Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Gather ’round, ye fairy-tale lovers, ye Dungeons & Dragons players, ye Game of Thrones watchers, all. For we come with a tale sure to strike a pleasant tune — something played on a lute or a mandolin perhaps — in your very heart. The Florida Renaissance Festival is upon us, and the land shall sing with merriment, frivolity, and much geekiness. In this, the final weekend of ye olde Renaissance fair, revelers shall be treated to the sounds of harpists and Celtic musicians. Gypsies shall perform Medieval-style dances for your amusement, and wee lads and lasses may take in fairy tales and special knighting ceremonies. Yea, though a royal court does preside over the great festival, taking place at Cauley Square Historic Village, each fair citizen to gather in the place shall feel like a king or a queen. ’Twould be a shame to miss out.
Sat., April 7, 10 a.m.; Sun., April 8, 10 a.m., 2012


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