Head Straight to Straight Edge

Now and again, it becomes absolutely necessary to revisit your teen self, resetting to age 16 for a minute. Things these days can get desperate; maybe life is a permanent lost weekend, or maybe you’ve finally realized that becoming a millionaire is a totally bogus life goal. Either way, it’s time to dry out. And there’s no place better for getting young and clean than the Dugout, an all-ages punk clubhouse where the motto is “No smoking, no alcohol, no drugs, and no fights,” and they mean it.

This Friday at 6 p.m., regain a bit of that youthful promise and some perspective when Miami indie-popsters — and New Times readers’ choice for best band — Radioboxer gang up with fellow locals Divided by Silence, Marks, COFW, and Boxwood. Expect a twisted mashup of garage, punk, ska, and power pop that’ll sound like your parents’ hi-fi getting smashed. And if the costume still fits you, break out the black Vans, black jeans, and Minor Threat tee — you’ve got sober moshing to do. Tickets cost ten dollars at the door.
Fri., July 31, 6 p.m., 2009


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