He Asked, They Told

With Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell officially over, many people are discovering that the old stereotypes related to homosexuality simply don’t pass muster. Nowhere is that sentiment clearer than in Scott Pasfield’s Gay in America, a book chronicling the cross-country journey the photographer took to interview gay men from all walks of life. Courtesy of Books & Books, Pasfield will discuss his project at Design Within Reach Tuesday at 7 p.m. From all 50 states, the 140 subjects represent every income level as well as a range of religions, races, and professions. By documenting these men through stunning portraits and personal essays, Pasfield has made a striking statement about the diversity of the male gay community. Their stories are at various points tragic and joyful, detailing the risks — and rewards — of accepting themselves and fighting for true equality.
Tue., Nov. 1, 7 p.m., 2011


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