Have Pole, Will Travel

Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Cordata; Class: Actinopterygii; Order: Perciformes; Family: Coryphaenidae; Genus: Coryphaena; Species: C. hippurus; a.k.a. Dolphin, a.k.a dorado, mahi-mahi, cavitos, maverikos, or lampuki, a.k.a very, very tasty when fried, grilled or blackened, a.k.a. the target of the 23rd Annual Coconuts Dolphin Fishing Tournament.

A.k.a. Very much worth the short drive to Key Largo to compete for the $50,000 cash and prizes in three different divisions (Female, Senior, and Junior), with a top prize of $10,000, and if the winning dolphin breaks the record of 63.9 pounds then its lucky angler will win a free, two year lease of a brand-new Honda pick-up truck. A.k.a. Lots of fun for the land-locked, too, with BBQ parties, weigh-ins, and plenty of sun, seafood, and cerveza. A.k.a. Gas up the car, honey.
Thu., May 14; Fri., May 15; Sat., May 16; Sun., May 17, 2009


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