Happy Hands

When people visualize a dance performance, many begin with the legs: the strong stems of a ballerina flexed en pointe, the dip-and-kick motion of traditional Russian and Irish dance, the slender gams of the Rockettes moving in unison. But being a dancer isn’t all about leg work. If Sidiki Conde believed that hooey, he would never have become as well known as he is today.

African-born Conde is a professional dancer whose legs were paralyzed by a viral infection in his early teens. He overcame prejudice in his native Guinean village and formed a troupe. Today Conde tours with Tokounou, a mixed-ability African drumming and dance ensemble. They amaze audiences with their vibrant energy, physical prowess, and empowering music that celebrates the strength of people with disabilities. Conde and Tokounou are in town for the ongoing Florida Dance Festival, and their five-day project will include a live performance at the Colony Theater on Friday, June 29; a documentary screening; and a free forum. Conde’s mixed-ability workshop begins today at New World School of the Arts, 25 NE Second St., Miami. Attendees can register through the Florida Dance Association by calling 305-547-1117. Visit www.tigertail.com for a complete schedule of danceAble events.
Mon., June 25


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