Happily Any After

Roberta Smith of the New York Times calls him “game-changing.” Peter Schjeldahl of The New Yorker calls him “the most consequential artist to have emerged since the 1980s.” We call him “the wired wizard of id.” Ryan Trecartin, whose “Any After” is on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art, is surfing the wave of art world adulation with his epic series of seven videos filmed in the Big Mango. Identity, friendship, family, commodity and status anxiety, sexuality, back-stabbing, chameleon-like characters, and obsession with money are themes that repeatedly appear in Trecartin’s films produced here between 2009 and 2010 with the help of longtime collaborator Lizzie Fitch. “Ryan creates humorous and intense narratives that push boundaries in regards to representation. People, places, and products blur, and subjective voices are mixed with that of advertising and pop culture,” says Ruba Katrib, MOCA’s associate curator, who organized the exhibit. At MOCA, Trecartin has transformed the entire exhibition space into quasi-domestic and outdoor settings so members of the techno-addled public can experience his manically edited, interconnected opus in a totally immersive environment. This Thursday, Trecartin will give an art talk at the museum, where he will speak about the inspirations behind his work and his creative process.
Thu., Aug. 25, 7 p.m., 2011


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