Hanging Tough

Has your Baselitis cleared up yet? Can you look at the lamppost banners along Biscayne Boulevard without going into anaphylactic shock? Does the sight of a white tent no longer cause existential dread? Are the days in your iCal looking pale and empty?

Then it’s time to jump back into the art world. Enter, stage Miami Beach Convention Center, the Miami International Art Fair.

Begun in 1991, when Art Basel seemed about as likely to move to Miami as the Statue of Liberty, MIA took a hiatus. But it’s back this Thursday in its original time slot. And back is an understatement. With 75 participating galleries and exhibitions, MIA is poised to prove the city’s art calendar starts in January and goes strong the whole year. Highlights include a special focus on Argentine art and “Next Generation,” a pavilion of 30 artists under 40 you might want to buy now while the prices are still friendly.
Jan. 7-10, noon, 2010


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