H&M's South Beach Pop-Up Shop: A Pre-Opening Sneak Peek

All photos by Stephanie Araujo
All photos by Stephanie Araujo

Mega chain H&M has been teasing us for two years already with talks of bringing in a Miami storefront. The permanent store is set to finally open its doors in the fall. But H&M just couldn't wait that long to please the Magic City masses.

So they've decided to open an H&M pop-up shop for the summer, debuting tomorrow at noon. But we got a press-only sneak peek at the inside earlier this afternoon. Read on for a glimpse of what'll be available tomorrow.

H&M's South Beach Pop-Up Shop: A Pre-Opening Sneak Peek

We attended a press-only opening (hello, mimosas and sparkly water) early this afternoon, and the results were, well, interesting.

H&M's South Beach Pop-Up Shop: A Pre-Opening Sneak Peek

For starters, the store has more of a Miami feel, with H&M loves Miami logos adorning the walls and sand-colored flooring. The store is definitely smaller than most H&Ms we've come across (and we've been to quite a few!) at only 3,380 square feet, which means only one thing: Tomorrow at 12 noon, expect a feeding frenzy for major discounts. (Even some members of the press were quite loudly disappointed that they weren't allowed to raid the racks, VIP-style.)

Watch this space for a more detailed list of looks worth throwing a few elbows to snag tomorrow. But in the meantime, here's a quick rundown: dress tanks for less than $5, plenty of accessories for under $20, and statement pieces for under $50. The whole store is themed around the latest summer trends in chic colors like vibrant neons, acquatic blue tones, and soft pastels.

H&M Pop-Up Shop, at 1669 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach. 305-695-0324. Open from June 1 at noon through September. For more information, visit

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