Hablas Computer?

It must have been alienating for all of those foreign kids in the 1990s to grow up in a world where their own language bore no relation to the global culture around them. Well, now those kids are in the U.S. too, because English has been replaced by programming code as the dominant mode of exchange on planet Earth. Some of you poets out there are in denial. The rest of you are going to Workshop @ MoCA this Saturday to hear artist C.E.B. Reas speak.

One of two creators of Processing.org, Reas designs his own image-generating computer programs whenever he’s not teaching at UCLA, writing essays on code for magazines such as Architectural Design, or designing the pattern for Serena Williams’s new Nike tennis outfit. (Seriously, look it up.) The processing power of computers has ushered in a whole new era of abstract expression, so stop by MoCA at 2 p.m. to begin learning how to speak the language. Admission to the talk is free with your five-dollar museum entrance fee, which will also get you into the “Abstract Cinema and Technology” exhibit.
Sat., May 9, 2 p.m., 2009


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