Guys and Dolls at Miami Stage Door through January 8

Guys and Dolls is the timeless Tony Award-winning Broadway musical about Nathan Detroit and Sky Masterson, two cool cats with a penchant for gambling and pinstriped zoot suits. Looking for a grand to pay for a place to hold one of his legendary floating crap games, Nathan wagers with Sky that he can't make the next dame he sees fall in love and fly off to Havana with him. Sky can smell a scam a mile away, but he goes along with the bet anyway, using his Marlon Brando-esque charm to try to win over the pretty, prudish, and benevolent Sarah Brown. That Sky Masterson is one high roller! Featuring classics songs such as "Luck Be a Lady Tonight" and "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat," Guys and Dolls promises a funny and raucous time chock full of song, dance, gamblers, hustlers, and fedoras.


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