Guffawing with Griffin

The lights dim in the theater and you tighten your grip on part one of your two-drink minimum. You try to let the vodka numb your brain cells, but the side effects of your hellish workweek won’t allow it. Maybe you’re munching on a plate of conch fritters, or maybe the only thing you want in your stomach is laughter. Either way, you’re at the right place to unwind on a Friday night; Eddie Griffin is at the Improv and we doubt he’ll let you sit in the audience with a frown on your face.

Remember how he had you rolling in the aisles with his portrayal of a reformed pimp in Norbit? Or how about when he played a real pimp in Deuce Bigalow and asked, “Can't a brother put his hand down another man's pants without setting off the faggot alarm?” Yeah, we see you chuckling already. Well there’s plenty more of his snappy delivery to be devoured tonight. Showtimes are 8:30 and 10:45, and the laughs’ll cost you $42.80.
Fri., March 28; Sat., March 29, 2008


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