Gross-Out Grooves

Vomiting is not generally a sign of affection — unless you’re Otto von Schirach. For one of the DJ’s projects, fans were asked to show their love by sending in audio clips of themselves puking and producing other bodily noises. Eighteen people responded, and Schirach turned their retching into beats on his limited-edition release, Pukology. But the disc should not be mistaken for gimmickry; Schirach has made a career of the bizarre since 1998. His latest album, Maxipad Detention, further reveals the DJ’s oddball humor: Song titles include “Tea Bagging the Dead” and “Frog Gingivitis.” Schirach’s experimental soundscapes are comprised of heavy electro bass, breakcore beats, and distorted vocals. He describes his music as “electronic death metal.”

“I hated the DJ scene. It’s full of people that like to get fucked up on drugs and play records. I was like, I want to make music,” he says. The eccentric DJ matches his unusual music with equally striking outfits, sometimes donning the guise of a hermaphrodite king with exposed breasts. Lovely. You can experience the antics tonight at Schirach’s birthday party at Laundry Bar.
Fri., March 9, 11 p.m.


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