Groove with You

The protagonist of How Stella Got Her Groove Back had to go all the way to Jamaica to revive her fading mojo. So far we’ve saved $126.12 in our island-getaway fund. Lucky for us, we won’t need to travel. Alonzo Mourning brings Zo’s Summer Groove to our doorstep every year. Well, the Hard Rock Live isn’t exactly in our back yard, but it’s worth the trek to see comedians Mike Epps, Gary Owen, Marvin Dixon, and Benji Brown get heckled by some of the NBA’s biggest stars. According to Zo, this past year the celebs weren’t so lucky. “Last year the featured comedians did great impersonations of Shaq and Dwyane. The crowd was laughing out of control. I look forward to seeing who will be their prime target in the crowd this year,” he says.

Maybe you’re still a little salty about how the Heat’s season ended, so jokes about your main man Shaq aren’t yet giggle-worthy. It’s cool. Zo’s Groove is multifaceted, and from July 11 to 15, there will be something for everybody: basketball clinics and youth summits for the kids, a can’t-miss block party, an all-star basketball game at the AAA, and more. “My favorite part of ZSG is looking around at all of our events and knowing that not only are we having a great time and bringing the community together, but more importantly it all benefits underserved youth in need. And that’s what it’s all about -- changing lives,” says Zo. The Heineken ZSG comedy show begins tonight at 8:00. Tickets cost $45 and $55.
July 11-15


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