Green Art Fair Seems a Bit Uneven

Green Art Fair Seems a Bit Uneven

The Green Art Fair, billing itself as a "single point of contact for the art and design world, eco-friendly businesses and all individuals interested in moving the environmental friendly movement forward," seems like a gyp for the $15 entry charge.

The skimpy tent fair only features a handful of designers and artists with some photography, paintings and other mixed media on display. Organizers opted to pitch their tent on a lawn for an outdoorsy feel and it smells like a wet barn inside. The heat can be stifling too.

It's not a total bust though. Homegrown conceptual puppeteer, Pablo Cano is performing his crowd-pleasing marionette shows daily at the event. Saturday Cano works his magic at 5 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. He creates his inventive, whimsical cast of characters from recycled trash and they are incredible to behold.

There is also a silent auction of chairs created by DASH students to

benefit Habitat For Humanity. One of them looks like a prop from a Tim

Burton movie and will give you a shock if you park your haunches on it.

Another of the chairs is a musical instrument one can actually perform

on while comfortably perched atop the high back throne.

At Denise Marques' Green Veranda

booth don't miss her eye-catching women's handbags and clutches ranging

from $40 to $250 in price. Her funky creations are crafted from

recycled newspapers and subway maps and are the hottest item at this


"We plant a tree for every item sold and donate a

percentage of our profits to charitable organizations," Marques says.

She is working with a co-op of 36 Brazilian women on her venture

Marques adds. The Green Art Fair is located on Midtown Boulevard

between 29th and 30th Street next to Scope.

-- Carlos Suarez De Jesus


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