Great Scott

You could call Little Jimmy Scott the legend you might have never heard of. He found fame in the Fifties as an instantly recognizable torch singer. The hereditary condition Kallman’s Syndrome robbed him of the hormones of puberty, so even today, at age 81, Scott’s pipes remain as dulcet, warm, and womanly as ever. He is often compared to his friend Billie Holiday, who once described him as her favorite singer. “She was just a good kid that needed love like most of us do, you dig?” Scott explains. Listening to him reminisce is like taking a sentimental journey through American musical history. Most of his peers have passed away. “Ray Charles was my boy. He was a beautiful, free person, baby. And now Redd Foxx is gone, Lou Rawls.... Honey, so many of them are gone,” he laments. Little Jimmy hasn’t been back to Miami since 1949, and he’s very excited about headlining the Jazz Brunch on the Bay. Dave Hollister, Bobby Stringer, and Haitian group BT Jazz will also perform. Aficionados should head to Margaret Pace Park today at 11:00 a.m. for a free alfresco celebration of music, food, fashion, and art. Call 305-642-1271, or visit Also check out
Sun., Sept. 3


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