Great Find: Lobster Shorts at ISA Boutique

Great Find: Lobster Shorts at ISA Boutique

Miami may be one of the vainest cities in the country -- but at least we look good doing it. In that spirit, we're indulging our love of the superficial by spotlighting fashion finds in the 305.

The Find: Lobster print silk shorts by Bianca Colette.

The Shop: ISA Boutique has an encyclopedia of seasonal bathing trends: nautical and polka dotted monokinis, bikini bottoms with a seam up the butt (why?!), and swim fabric-lined lace shorts. But don't let the assortment of beach-ready suits fool you into thinking there isn't a solid selection of goodies here for any occasion.

ISA isn't on big real estate -- it's a tiny storefront across the street from Midtown Mall -- but they somehow pack in a variety and solid selection of jewelry, beach cover-ups by local talent, purses, and outliers like a big black striped beach hat, a $150 maxi sequins gown, and a green dress they once lent to Eva Longoria. You could probably buy a whole new closet here, minus the underwear.

The Reason: Who doesn't like lobster? Unless you have a shellfish allergy, that is.

The Cost: $99


Style: These silk lobster shorts are surprisingly wearable with just

about anything. The preppy, Lilly Pulitzer vibe can either be played up

by the addition of a crisp white shirt and summery, high espadrilles for a

ladies-who-lunch look; or totally twisted by hitting it with unexpected

pairings. For a balanced look that's half subverted and half submersed,

try a chic white blazer with deep lapels over a black tank and black


Great Find: Lobster Shorts at ISA Boutique

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