Great Endangered Yaks

Ever since that pest hipsteratis mobilis (colloquially called the hipster) began invading Williamsburg circa 1999, Brooklyn's resident species have been in steady decline. And there's none more threatened than the Wild Yaks. A naturally musical beast, the Yak just wants to hang with his bandmates, sip something cold, and holler loudly without being bothered by the constant buzzing of exotic trendies. As singer Rob Bryn says, "We're talking, puking wild animals with big horns."

So, in search of sunshine and a little open space, Brooklyn's Wild Yaks will migrate south for a show at the American Legion this Wednesday. The band will play alongside Richmond, Virginia's Nerve City, as well as local beasts Lil Daggers and Furious Dudes. It's gonna be all buds, cheap dollar drinks, and gang chants. Hipster-free fun guaranteed.
Wed., March 24, 10 p.m., 2010


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